Sunday, July 27, 2008

Change of Plans...

I’ve been attempting to do a review of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer for about a week now. Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure what to write. I've decided to read the rest of the books, and review Breaking Dawn when it comes out.

I did enjoy reading Twilight though. I giggled like a love-struck school-girl through the first half of the book over Edward. (Me? Giggle? *gasp* Yes, it even surprised me too.) I finished Twilight in one day. Pretty soon, I'll have my official thoughts about Edward Cullen vs. Jacob Black.

Reviewingly yours,
Twyla Lee


Anonymous said...

Edward Cullen is an abusive stalker and he scares me. And Bella's just obnoxious. Even Jacob's way too interested in someone annoying, and kind of disturbingly rape-y in Eclipse.
Ah, Twilight. You're just so horrible, all around.

*runs in fear to the Morganville Vampires series*

Twyla Lee said...

In the first book, I liked Edward. When he was introducing Bella to his family though, he reminded me of a three year old piling all his toys on a grown-up's lap. He was overly excited/enthusiastic compared to his usual, laid-back, no emtotion or extremely angered ways.

I never really liked Jacob. Bella did lead him on when she first met him. However, you'd think he'd have heard that she was with Edward and would have backed off...

Still looking forward to the Twilight movie and yours,
Twyla Lee

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Edward definitly got worse as time went on.

And I don't know if it's so much that I liked Jacob, or that I liked the person Bella was when around Jacob better. She almost had a personality and occasionally stood up for herself or had opinions.
And the reason that everyone in the book is infatuated with Bella escapes me. She's just not that interesting.

Twyla Lee said...

Supposedly, Bella is really attractive. Maybe even model material. She just can't seem to see that herself. I'll admit though, Bella was pretty much like, I need Edward in order to live. If I don't have him around to take care of me, I can't function. I go zombie.

Yours truly,
Twyla Lee

Anonymous said...

I guess she is supposedly good-looking, but I have to say, shallow though teenage boys may be, I find it kind of hard that she could inspire so much undying devotion. Her just being physically attractive shouldn't be enough for a hundred year-old vampire, let alone her other four or so admirers.

That's my biggest problem with Bella. Her personality is defined by her love for Edward. Like, name one non-Edward-related thing about her. Umm, she likes Jane Austen. Not that deep of a character trait. She cooks, but she doesn't like it. What did/does she want to be when she gets older, aside from a vampire? What does she like, aside from vampires?
Bella seems like too much of a blank slate---you're kind of expected to project your personality traits on her, which is, i think, a lot of the appeal, but I kind of like writing books about people. Who have personalities.
When she was around Jacob, she seemed more likely to talk back or not just gape in dazzled awe, which is why I prefer(ed) him to Edward, to some extent.

Also, this post/conversation gave me lots of ideas for the Epic Twilight Essay I'm posting on the BD release date.

lunaeclipse1210 said...

to twyla (and serafina too actually..)

just so you know bella is not model material. shes supposed to be a very plain girl. not having any major physical features that stick out and scream "hey im pretty!" bella was supposed to be modeled after meyer herself.

meyer said that when she was growing up in her school, she was normal and plain and no one really noticed her. then, when she went to college all of the boys supposedly fled to her. as if some sort of new meat to oogle at. (as was the same way with bella.) i just wanted to clarify on the mention of bella's looks.

Anonymous said...

Which returns to the issue of Why Does Everyone Fall In Love With Bella.

Gabriel Gethin said...

Perhaps some of the reason everyone loves Bella is because she is the new girl in the beginning of Twilight. Growing up in a small town, I would know. When you are surrounded by the same people for enough time, if someone new comes along, that person is always the talk of the town for a good week (sometimes more). So maybe the reason Bella has so many admirers is because she is the only girl that those boys haven't grown up with and been in school with since preschool.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's the reason Meyer always gives, but I'm from a pretty small town too. When people move here, there might be temporary interest, but I don't know. I mean, she has at least (*counts* Edward, Jacob, Mike, that dude who almost ran her over, some other guy) five or so people who end up completely in love with her, which is kind of insane when she's so two-dimensional.
Eh, whatever. I have this theory that only like, half, of these people really like Bella at all, and she's just imagining a lot of everything else.