Monday, September 1, 2008


Yeah…I’m back. Yay. I know you missed me and were wondering what the heck happened to me. One word: School.

A few days ago, I went to the library with my class. I was appalled at the way the books were being introduced. The first comment, by the librarians, about the books were something along the lines of:

“This book is nice and short…”
“This book is not as long as it looks…”
“This book is a quick read because of the way it’s written…”

After listening, I was highly annoyed and saddened. I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to read. There are so many great books out there. How could people not appreciate books and being sucked into a different world? How is that not exciting?

Book = Happiness+Love

Perplexedly yours,
Twyla Lee


lunaeclipse1210 said...

i know! almost all of the kids are always like reading=boring garbage that i dont wanna do. but im just the opposite. i mean...if i don't have a good LONG book (it must be long...short books are normally simpler or i might finish them too quickly...) on my hands then i kinda freak out and nothing can be done in my life. i just love reading and writing in general and all that it is. what the world has done to our youth that has caused it to be so anti reading is...beyond me...

Twyla said...

Thank you dearest Luna for my one comment. One comment? Really now're punishing me now?

Confusedly yours,
Twyla Lee

Gabriel Gethin said...

Maybe the comment was too long and they were thinking, "oh this comment is so long that I don't want to read it." Similar to the way that no one wants to read books, now no one wants to read comments.

serafina-zane said...

Hey, can I like get this in like Spark Notes?

*omg, lyk, this PURSE*

Rae said...