Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Are you a Math lover?

I haven't posted on here for a while. For all of you who have given up hope, I'm sorry. All I can say is: Books. I had many to read. I still do, but I'm letting myself relax a little. It was really hard to read five books at once.

As people might know from one of my previous posts, I love Math. I like finding patterns in a seemingly random set of numbers. I also enjoy being my mom's phone book. There has been one problem in particular that I remember solving:

"Using six fours, can you make a problem where the end result will equal ten?"

I'm curious, am I the only one that over complicated this problem?

Math loving and yours,
--Twyla Lee


B. said...


4 + 4 + (4/4) + (4/4) = 10.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason i failed seventh grade math.
...actually, i got a solid C+ in seventh grade math, despite turning around the whole time to talk to the guy behind me, who got a higher grade but had to retake the class, which i've always thought slightly odd.
It was eighth grade math i failed. but there was a reason for that.
...yeah, i got nothing good. lack of attention.

liking math is one of those things i've always admired people (as in Dess and Reason Cansino) being able to do, but i just can't personally.
i'm a words person.

lunaeclipse1210 said...

I do love math, honestly I do. But alas...I was unable to solve your problem...why? Well, I'm too lazy to try and do any work. I'm smart, (I'm not trying to boast) but I just don't have the will power to do any math during summer. Like I said...lazy. Well, off to more reading. (Yah, I'll read during the summer. I WILL! But just not math...heehee)

Josie love sterling said...

i have another way to do the it is
that was a cool problem you should post more.

Gabriel Gethin said...

I feel the need to think outside the box and spin the question on itself. It said use 6 fours, never said you can only use 6 fours and nothing else. therefore my solution to the problem is 4+4+4-4+4-4 +2=10 =)))

Blonde Gothic Fairy said...

I'm in agreement with serafina-zane, I hate math with a passion, mainly because my newly fired math teacher couldn't speak English and just sat up the front ddoing sodoku while my friend madi and I hid under an umbrella! (People threw fruit into the fans)

Anonymous said...

(4^2+4/ 4) x (4^2 / 4^1.2 / 4)= 10
braket 1
four squared equals 16. add 4 = 20.
20/4 = 5
braket 2
four squared equals 16. 16/ 4 to the power of 1.2 = 8
8/4 = 2

5x2 = 10


4 + 4 + (4/4) + (4/4) = 10.