Monday, April 14, 2008

Wonderful Randomness^6 Part 2

6 more random facts are:

1.) When I know I'm being timed, my brain melts.
2.) I just put a whole bunch of classical music on my ipod. (I don't know any composers or song names yet.)
3.) My favourite school subject is Mathematics. I particularly love Algebra.
4.) I just found out, in my 17th year of living, how to correctly pronounce Appalachian and naive. Yes. It's true.
5.) I am in love with a Christian Rock band. (No, I am not Christian.)
6.) My brain thinks randomly 99.9% of the time, so these memes were fun. I still have a general dislike of chain mail and forwards though.

Before I curl up and read,
Twyla Lee


Bri said...

Could that Christian rock band possibly be... Relient k???? It should be. Because they are the greatest! IN THE WORLD!!!

Medeia said...

Wow, I didn't really expect any of that. Good job with the random thing.

serafina-zane said...

i'm allergic to Algebra. which explains the D- i got.

but can you pronounce vegan? becayse that is the true test.

Twyla Lee said...

Bri, I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but my band would be Flyleaf.

Serafina-Zane, I pronounce it Vee-ghen.

Yours Truly,
Twyla Lee

Anonymous said...

Ah, Relient K would have been my first guess too. They're pretty mainstream.

But Flyleaf is awesome too! Even though I only listen to a few songs.

B. said...

'Tis a meme for you to do…


Blonde Gothic Fairy said...

Meh, christian rock has nothing on cradle of filth.
If you wish to get into battle of the randomness I'm open to that.

Anonymous said...