Monday, August 3, 2009


Oh summer. Wonderful summer. Oh how cold you have been. I've been wearing jeans this whole time and have only said 'I'm hot' once or twice. Amazing. What kind of summer is that?

I have about a month before I go back to school. But I'm kind of starting to miss school. Except...Eek. Seniorism. Oldism. Blah. I'm no where near ready to be on my last year of high school.

Speaking of high school...has anyone seen the new Harry Potter movie? Yes? No? I have a slight urge to go see it. I'd like to know though...was/is it good?

What next...I guess not much else to say. I need to read more.


Tay Darramont said...

Hooray for summer! Although, my little corner of the world has the opposite weather problem. I've been sweating rivers for weeks now.

Ah, the Harry Potter movie! I have seen it. 'Twas excellent! A bit grim, but it has its comic moments too. It was much better than the 5th movie, I thought.

Twyla Lee said...

Did it beat the 3rd movie? I honestly thought that one was the best. =)

Abby said...

I liked the Harry Potter movie, I thought the third was the best too, but this one is now up there with it, I wouldn't say it beat it, but it was very pleasing. It had comedy, grimness, a little romance. All in all it was excellent.

Anonymous said...
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